Video round up: The Wave Pictures

We’re so pleased that The Wave Pictures are coming back to Indietracks, and thought we’d round up a few of our favourite videos to celebrate! The London-based band has released a whopping 14 studio albums, and their newest album, Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, was written and recorded with seminal punk singer Billy Childish. The Guardian has described their work as “charming, witty songs shot through with Jonathan Richman’s gawky glee and Suede’s doomed provincial romanticism.”

First, let’s experience life on tour with the band with ‘I Could Hear The Telephone (3 Floors Above Me):

Here’s an epic performance of ‘The Woods’ recorded at Toe Rag Studios:

Who will win this messy food-eating contest in ‘Spaghetti’?:

A classic from 2008 – ‘Just Like A Druummer’:

And finally, not a great night for one party-goer in ‘Pea Green Coat’: