Video round-up: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

Ahead of this year’s festival, we thought we’d round up a few of our favourite videos from our Saturday outdoor headliners, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

This New York band has given us some of the most exciting and melodic indiepop moments in recent years. From the celebratory, sparkling melodies of early singles ‘Come Saturday’ and ‘Young Adult Friction’ to the bolder immediacy of ‘Heart In Your Heartbreak’, ‘Belong’ and ‘Until The Sun Explodes’, Kip Berman continues to pen an increasingly impressive catalogue of hits.

Let’s start with the fantastic 80s cartoon inspired video for ‘Until The Sun Explodes’:

Here’s ‘Higher Than The Stars’, complete with an unexpected party twist!

Classic earlier single ‘Young Adult Friction’:

A day’s work at the Guitar Galaxy shop in ‘Heart in your Heartbreak’

And finally, a stylish evening party goes awry in ‘Simple and Sure’: