Line up

Here’s a list of the artists playing at Indietracks in 2015, with biographies further down the page.

For the full schedule including artist times and stages, please visit our schedule page.

(5pm to midnight)
Cinerama, The School, Fever Dream
+ a disco after the bands finish!

(Midday to midnight)
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Colleen Green, The Wave Pictures, Desperate Journalist, Tigercats, Steven James Adams
 + lots more bands, workshops and discos!

(Midday to midnight)
The Go! Team, Martha, Euros Childs, The Darling Buds, The Tuts, Lætitia Sadier, The Catenary Wires
+ lots more bands and workshops!

Plus the following playing over our 2015 weekend: 
Alexander Christopher Hale, Baker Island, Bunnygrunt, Chorusgirl, Colour Me Wednesday, Cristina Quesada, Emma Kupa, The Ethical Debating Society, Evans The Death, Eureka California, Feature, Fire Island Pines, Firestations, The Fireworks, Flemmings, Francesca’s Word Salad, The Free Fall Band, Frida & Ale, Grubs, The Haywains, The Hi-Life Companion, Jen Schande, JUNK., Laura K, The Leaf Library, Los Bonsáis, Lost Pets, The Luxembourg Signal, Mammoth Penguins, Michaelmas, Oh Peas!, Pete Astor, Ralegh Long, Rémi Parson, Rodney Cromwell, Tuff Love, Violet Woods

Plus a selection of discos after the bands with: 

Don’t Falter, How Does It Feel To Be Loved?, Some Like It Pop, Spinning Yarns, Unpop 

And a host of art and craft workshops:
Indietracks 2015 workshops

2015 Artist Biographies (A-Z)

Alex Hale 
Alexander Christoper Hale
Alexander Christopher Hale writes songs about American history, unusual dreams, and intense loneliness, hiding his tears behind a battered old guitar and a surprisingly-melodic method of singing/shouting. Expect folk-punk hip hop, drawn-out sing-alongs, and heartfelt Shakira covers.

Baker Island
Baker Island
Baker Island are a fuzzy pop band from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. Their new single ‘Spanish Trails’ was released on 27 April and will be followed by an album in the summer. 

Los Bonsais
Los Bonsáis
Los Bonsáis is a noise pop duo from north Spain, signed to the legendary Elefant Records label. They combine the electricity of My Bloody Valentine, the primitivism of Beat Happenning, and the instant shake-you-up of The Vaselines. This year they’ve released a mini-lp with ten songs called ‘Nordeste’ and their previous shows include Madrid Popfest, Lemon Pop 2013 and Wales Goes Pop.

Bunnygrunt are an American indie punk / pop band from St. Louis, Missouri. Over their initial five year run, the St Louis band toured the entire USA a half-dozen times, released two great albums, a million singles & compilation tracks, and then blew out in a blaze of glory with a whirlwind tour of Japan. They appeared on the Billy Bob Thornton movie ‘Bad Santa’ and later reformed for Athens Popfest. They’re planning to release their next album ‘Vol 4’ this summer.

catenary wires
The Catenary Wires
The Catenary Wires were formed in 2014 when Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tender Trap) moved out of London. Their songs are quiet and (mostly) sad. Their debut LP was released this year on Elefant Records and the band have been playing shows around the UK and even performing with The Primitives in Tokyo.   

Cinerama is the celebrated orchestral/pop project of The Wedding Present’s frontman, David Gedge. A fittingly titled outfit, Cinerama indulge Gedge’s love of film music from John Barry to Ennio Morricone… via Blaxploitation and The Ventures!  Together with his then-girlfriend Sally Murrell and Wedding Present co-writer Simon Cleave. In 2015, Cinerama followed up their initial stunning studio albums (‘Va Va Voom’, ‘Disco Volante’ and ‘Torino’) with an intricate and sparkling reworked version of the Wedding Present album ‘Valentina’.  

Chorusgirl are a London-based noisepop 4-piece, formed at the start of 2014 by Silvi Wersing (of Mikrofisch) and friends. They blend the sounds of Lush, the Cure, the Breeders, Pulp, the Bangles, surf, girl groups, melodies, dirt, jangle and noise into a swirling & shimmering mix that spins your head until you’re dizzy. The lyrics are personal, delicate and angry, about losing and giving up, but all of that heartache and anger is layered underneath enough noisy rubble and happy fizz. They’re releasing a single as part of the Odd Box Records 100 Club Series in 2015.

Colleen Green
Colleen Green is a fantastic pop punk singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, writing bright, deadpan songs with a hint of melancholy. ‘I Want To Grow Up’, her second album for Hardly Art, was released in February this year and follows a newly 30-year-old Green as she carefully navigates a minefield of emotion caused by entering modern adulthood. It features JEFF the Brotherhood’s Jake Orrall and Diarrhea Planet’s Casey Weissbuch, who collaborated with Green over ten days recording in Nashville. The album has been met with widespread critical acclaim, with Pitchfork praising her “elegantly wry, acerbic, hooky pop style” and the Line of Best Fit describing her as a “one-woman Bikini Kill/Garbage cross-breed” writing “perfect surf-pop”. We can’t wait to welcome Colleen to Indietracks for the first time!

Colour Me Wednesday
Colour Me Wednesday
Colour Me Wednesday are a four piece DIY punk/indie pop band based in West London. Their long-awaited debut album ‘I thought it was morning’ was released on Discount Horse records in the summer of 2013. In summer 2014 they released a 10 song split record with Spoonboy (Washington, DC) on Lauren Records and toured the East Coast of America promoting the new release, including performances at New York Popfest and Plan-it-x Fest.

Cristina Quesada 2
Cristina Quesada
Cristina Quesada recently signed to Elefant Records, having previously played at their parties and having made the switch from playing the violin to the ukulele.  Her debut 7″ single ‘Pineapple Princess’, drew on the Hawaiian evocations of the instrument, surrounding her innocent voice and dreamy desires for a perfect love.  This single was followed by her 2015 album ‘You Are The One’; a diverse collection of covers and original songs. 

Darling Buds
The Darling Buds
The Darling Buds are a cult indiepop band who were much loved by late BBC Radio One DJ John Peel. They formed in Newport, South Wales in 1986 and, after signing to Sony, saw their brilliant debut LP ‘Pop Said..’ reach the Top 30 in the UK Album Chart, and the band’s appearance on Top of the Pops as well as the cover of Melody Maker. In 1992, single ‘Long Day in the Universe’, taken from their third album ‘Erotica’, appeared on the soundtrack to the cult Mike Myers film So I Married An Axe Murderer, but the band split shortly afterwards. The band reformed for a one-off tribute concert in 2010, before returning again to appear at the Borderline in London in April 2014. The show generated such interest that the band played two further sold out shows in London in early April this year, and are now looking forward to playing for a wider audience at Indietracks!

Desperate Journalist
Desperate Journalist
Desperate Journalist are a North London quartet who’ve been causing ruffles with their ‘Cristina’ single and hectic live shows which blend gothic sensibilities with post-punk machinations. Beneath the deadpan panda-eyed exterior there is something fantastically uncontrived about their fervent hollerings, encapsulated in their eponymous debut album, released in January 2015. 

Don't Falter
Don’t Falter DJs
Don’t Falter has been bringing the indiepop to the centre of That Leeds on the first Saturday of the month since 2010. We are an incorrigible cast of assorted fools (including past and present members of Indietracks alumni This Many Boyfriends, The Loves, The Seven Inches and Finnmark) and we play stuff like Stereolab, Jens Lekman, HMHB, The Divine Comedy, Close Lobsters, Talking Heads, Suede, The Cardigans, Magnetic Fields, Ballboy, Longpigs, B&S, Jonathan Richman, Le Tigre and Hefner. And Pulp.  

Emma Kupa 2
Emma Kupa
Talented songwriter Emma Kupa, formerly of Standard Fare and Without Feathers, and currently in Mammoth Penguins, released a folky mini album on WIAIWYA in spring 2015. Taking a break from writing songs about romantic problems, most of the songs on this mini album are about family members and their history, covering themes of long lost relatives, alcoholism, surviving the holocaust and communism. The songs have been made more upbeat with the addition of a band composed of instrumentalists Mark, Laura, Carmela and Rory. The album has been met with widespread acclaim. Sounds XP said of the record: “There was always a gentle wisdom in Emma Kupa’s songs which is only magnified here.”

Ethical Debating Society
The Ethical Debating Society
The Ethical Debating Society are a DIY punk trio from London, by way of Essex, Kent and Andalucia. Straddling the lines between tuneful lo-fi post-punk and a sound that was once called riot grrrl, their urgent, deconstructed *riot pop* has seen them play alongside indie heroes from both sides of the Atlantic such as Bis, Shrag and Tunabunny. Their split EP with Skinny Girl Diet on HHBTM Records was one of Maximum Rocknroll’s records of 2013, and legendary music critic Everett True has hailed them in The Guardian as heirs of Nirvana, The Cribs & Gossip. The band is releasing its long-awaited debut album New Sense on Odd Box Records in 2015.

Evans The Death
Evans the Death make frenetic and infectious punk pop and are one of the most refreshing and exhilarating new groups around. Influenced by the lyrical dexterity of Morrissey and Jarvis Cocker as much as the melodic exuberance of the Pixies and Pavement, the band effortlessly blend precocious musical literacy with the kind of unerring self-awareness which makes for a perfectly pitched pop sensibility. Named after the undertaker in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood, the band’s 2012 eponymous debut album saw critical acclaim from the likes of Q, Uncut and Artrocker as well as radio play on BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music and XFM.  Expect Delays, their second album for Fortuna POP!, was released in March this year and has been praised for its “modern alternative pop anthems” by Neon Filler and its “bruised vitality and pleasing lyrical spikiness” by Uncut magazine.

Eureka California
Eureka California
Eureka California is Jake Ward and Marie A. Uhler from Athens, Georgia. The band tells stories of a society in decline, of dysfunctional citizens awash in their unsatisfied desires. They make yearning, echo beach nuggets pop that tells stories of life in their southern college town. Their most recent album, ‘Crunch’ (Happy Happy Birthday To Me) was released in May 2014.  

Euros Childs
Euros Childs
Euros is a solo artist hailing from Pembrokeshire, Wales, and has released 10 studio albums to date. He also fronted psychedelic Welsh band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci from 1991 until their demise in 2004. Euros is a keen collaborator, having released albums as Jonny with Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake, and as Cousins with former Race Horses singer Meilyr Jones in 2012. When asked what kind of music he plays by taxi drivers or distant relatives Euros replies ”It’s pop music with a bit of folk music thrown in, sometimes synthesizers are used, sometimes pianos or guitars. But it’s always rock n roll”.

Feature are a punk band from London. Following their first EP, ‘Memory’ on Cazenove Tapes, they released the acclaimed ‘Culture of the Copy’ EP on Tye Die Tapes in early 2014, followed by the ‘Tourists’ split EP with Slowcoaches for their joint tour in September last year, which just came out on cassette via Unwork Records. They’re currently writing an album. They did a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music last year, plus a Bowlegs session, and have supported the likes of Protomartyr, Cheatahs, Mazes, TRAAMS, Verity Susman and Chain and the Gang. Jen also plays in Sauna Youth and Monotony, Heather also plays in Slowcoaches and Human Form. Liv feels lazy.

Fever Dream
Fever Dream
Fever Dream play dark, fuzzy, menacing music that blurs the line from noisy shoegaze to angular post-punk. Intense, melodic and expansive, they are a real treat live and have really good hair. Their album Moyamoya was released by Club AC30 in April 2015. 

Fire Island Pines
Fire Island Pines
Taking their name from New York’s infamous holiday spot, the Fire Island Pines are a band that hails from far less glitzy origins. Six suburbanites from inland Cornwall who’ve never quite known what they’re doing. Their debut album “True Grit” was released through Firestation Records in the summer of 2014 after a string of EPs stemming from an early song being featured on an Art is Hard compilation back in 2011.

Firestations emerged from the ashes of alt-folk band Dark Captain Light Captain and members have previously been in/are in: Astronauts, Left With Pictures, Finlay and Quickspace. They mix scuzzy indie-pop guitar hooks with spacey alt-folk – think Veronica Falls meets Pentangle with a hint of Stereolab. Their songs beckon you in lightheartedly, but keep a dark underbelly of suburban angst and modern mistrust primed and ready beneath the surface. Their debut album ‘Never Closer’ (Waltz Time Records, 2014) as well as singles ‘Forgetful Man’ and ‘Cold Sweaty Palms’ have received glowing reviews and extensive radio play on BBC 6music, Radio 2 and Xfm.

The Fireworks
The Fireworks
The Fireworks play simple catchy songs with blistering qualls of feedback, sharp chiming guitars, rambunctious drums and bass, and Matthew and Emma’s perfectly matched vocals. After three brilliant singles for Shelflife Records including the extensively played Runaround, and their flexi version of the Girls At Our Best! classic Getting Nowhere Fast for Freakscene Records, they have now released their spectacular long-awaited debut album Switch Me On.

Flemmings plucked up the courage to speak to each-other and started a band in the streets of Brockley last year. Hailing from Barcelona, Copenhagen & Brighton, David, Mads & Jez hid in SE4′s burgeoning pop haven for a while listening to brash loud pop songs making brash loud pop songs until someone listened. After putting themselves on probably more times than is absolutely necessary they went on a UK tour with SE4real heroes PAMs in October 2014 and took a self-released tape with them, which some people seemed to find agreeable. A new offering is being released in 2015 on the legendary Odd Box Records.

FWS piccie
Francesca’s Word Salad
Francesca’s Word Salad tells the gruesome tales of history and humanity exposed via paper plates, hats and an assortment of noise-making accessories. A solitary show-woman, Francesca mixes macabre ballads with wistful laments, and puts on a show encompassing a musical human hat stand, as well as artfully exhibiting the latest techniques from the world of amateur bonnet making! 

Free Fall Band
The Free Fall Band
The Free Fall Band are five timeless pop creators from Mataró to the north of Barcelona. 2013 put them at the forefront of national pop, thanks to landmark moments such as their performance at the Primavera Sound Festival and supporting Rodriguez in Barcelona. Their second album “The Münster Sights” was produced by Darren Hayman (Hefner) with Giles Barret (Tigercats) as sound engineer. The perfect choice as The Free Fall Band’s music moves within the same parameters as them and the bands they have worked with, such as The Wave Pictures and Allo Darlin’.

frida-Ale 2
Frida & Ale
Frida & Ale are a Swedish/Italian indiepop band, with a new album due out in spring 2015. Frida used to play in Rough Bunnies and Ale plays in the Italian band Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Their sold-out EP, ‘Frida & Ale Present​’, was released on We Were Never Being Boring Records in 2010 and is about “growing up, wishing and being experts in meaningless and self-destructive love”.  This was followed by  their new album ‘I don’t like to see others having fun’ in April 2015. 

New Go! Team landscape_CMYK Feb 2015
The Go! Team
The Go! Team returned in 2015 with a new album, ‘The Scene Between’, and their first live shows since 2012. ‘The Scene Between’ is an album about singing – about pushing the melodic side of The Go! Team sound – an album driven by song writing because catchiness is the hardest thing you can do.  Though the album was assembled as a solo project by band leader Ian Parton the six piece version of The Go! Team will be back in full effect live.  We’re so excited that they’re bringing their show to Indietracks!

Owen, Roxy, Jake. Guitar, guitar, drums.

The Haywains
Formed back in 1988, riotous jangle-pop veterans The Haywains are currently on a reunion schedule which began in 2013, marking the band’s 25th Anniversary. With four original members, the reunion line-up have notched up shows in the UK, Europe and the US. Fronted by their distinctive dual boy/girl vocal delivery and singer Jeremy’s much loved on-stage banter, the band were originally part of the Bristol area’s thriving indie scene during the late 80s. Refreshingly, the band’s reformation isn’t just about nostalgia. With new material alongside old favourites, The Haywains still possess the raw energy of their youth, delivering a thoroughly entertaining live show – a vintage band still at their most invigorating best!

Hi-Life Companion
The Hi-Life Companion
Bristol-based The Hi-Life Companion feature former members of indiepop favourites Airport Girl and The Mayfields. Their first release was a 3-track single through Cloudberry Records in September 2008 2008 which quickly sold out. Since then their songs have also featured on a number of compilations including releases on Weepop!, Series Two and Eardrums. The band have received extensive radio play including Colin Murray for BBC Radio 1 and Tom Robinson for BBC6 Music.

Their debut album ‘Say Yes’ was mixed by Rob Price from Airport Girl and was released in 2011 on Plastilina Records. Their second album, ‘Our Years In The Wilderness’, is out now through the band’s own No Pudding Annie Records.

How Does It Feel To Be Loved? (DJ set)
How Does It Feel To Be Loved? is a much-loved London club night playing indie pop, northern soul, tamla motown, girl groups, and sixties heartbreak, which has now been running for 13 years! It has been described as a legendary indie club” by NME. Expect to hear premier indiepop and motown, ranging from The Smiths to The Supremes.

Jen Schande
Californian solo singer-songwriter Jen Schande, formerly of band Schande, makes fragile indie rock/pop not unlike Cat Power, but with even more emotionally exotic vocals. 

JUNK. are a scuzzy slacker-pop trio from York, UK. Eschewing technical ability in favour of short, jangly hooks, JUNK. blend male / female vocals à la The Pastels and The Vaselines, with the Big Muff moments of Dinosaur Jr. Having played together for just over a year, the band have fast developed their own brand of woozy, sun-glazed punk laced with bittersweet lyricism and fuzz-coated guitar melodies. 

Laetiita Sadier
Lætitia Sadier
Lætitia Sadier is a French musician who came to prominence as the singer and lyricist of the band Stereolab. Having contributed vocals to McCarthy’s third and final album, Laetitia formed Stereolab with Tim Gane in 1990, releasing a string of acclaimed records combining post-rock, 60s pop and experimental music with socio-political themes sung in both English and French. In 1996, Laetitia  formed Monade with Pram’s Rosie Cuckston, and later released her first solo album, ‘The Trip’ in 2010. Her most recent record, ‘Something Shines’ (2014) was described by Pitchfork as “subversively sophisticated avant-pop, with Sadier’s breathy, balmy voice as the high point.”

Laura k
Laura K
Laura K wrote her first song when she was 8, and learned to play piano 3 years earlier.  Influenced by the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Arcade Fire, The Brunettes and She & Him, Laura writes poppy songs, sings and plays several instruments.  Her songs are mostly happy/sad made-up stories about boys.  When Laura’s not making sweet songs on her own, she’s out and about playing keys and singing in Tigercats.

LEAF-178 WEB 1
The Leaf Library
The Leaf Library make droney, two-chord pop that’s stuck halfway between the garage and the bedroom, wrapped in chiming guitar arpeggios and layers of bubbling synths and skipping loops. Channelling the warm fuzz of Yo La Tengo and Talk Talk’s spacious repetition they sing lyrical love songs to buildings, stationery and the weather. They are due to release their second album, ‘Daylight Versions’, this summer on WIAIWYA, the follow up to 2011’s ‘Different Activities, Similar Diversions’ (Proper Songs). A new single – ‘Walking Backwards’ – is also due out this year, via Kingfisher Bluez in Vancouver. 

Lost Pets 2
Lost Pets
Lost Pets formed in and around Nottingham in 2014 following an advert for untalented girls who can’t play their instruments. The band consists of Becky on vocals and guitar, Hannah on trombone, Lisa on drums, and Verity on bass. Their initial desire was simply to learn to play their instruments better and maybe eventually write a song or two. However they liked the shambolic sound of their un-coordination so much that ‘LostPets’ was born, with the resultant noise being a mixture of melancholic folk-pop and upbeat indiepop songs.

Luxembourg Signal
The Luxembourg Signal
The Luxembourg Signal, while being a brand new project, features members who have been playing together for years as part of the much adored Aberdeen (Sarah Records). Several years, several bands – including most recently Fonda and Trembling Blue Stars – and a few reunions later, Johnny Joyner, Beth Arzy and Brian Espinosa started The Luxembourg Signal with Betsy Moyer and Ginny Pitchford. Piecing together almost ten years of ideas and nabbing any recording time possible with Beth when visiting Los Angeles from the UK, their debut LP is finally here.

Mammoth Penguins
Mammoth Penguins
Mammoth Penguins are a three piece indie rock band based in Cambridge. Composed of members of other bands including Standard Fare, The Pony Collaboration and Puncture Repair Kit, they got together in spring 2013 and have since played gigs with, among others, Allo Darlin, The Tuts, The Wave Pictures, The Lovely Eggs and Mega Emotion. Mammoth Penguins are currently preparing their debut album for release this  year. 

Hailing from Pity Me near Durham, vegan straight-edge pop group Martha provide energetic, impassioned pop punk, informed by 90s indie rock and Scandinavian anarcho noir. Formed in 2011 by siblings Naomi (bass, vocals) and Nathan Griffin (drums, vocals) with J. Cairns (guitar, vocals) and Daniel Ellis (guitar, vocals), Martha have fast become a staple of the UK DIY pop scene. They released their debut album “Courting Strong” on Fortuna Pop! in May 2014. 

Michaelmas is singer/songwriter Michael Wood. He has been performing his sweet catchy songs about love, loss and the weather since 2002, both solo and as a band.  He also made two albums as a part of Singing Adams in 2011 and 2012. 

Oh Peas
Oh Peas!
Oh Peas! is Rosie Smith from Totem Terrors, who describes her music as “inessential sadpop” made in her bedroom. Based in Cardiff, her debut album Shade of Intolerance was released in June 2014 and has since sold out.

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
Ever since they first emerged, gathering widespread acclaim from the likes of The New York Times and Pitchfork to countless indiepop forums and blogs for their out-of-nowhere self-titled debut album, The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart have given us some of the most exciting and melodic indiepop moments in recent years. From the celebratory, sparkling melodies of early singles ‘Come Saturday’ and ‘Young Adult Friction’ to the bolder immediacy of ‘Heart In Your Heartbreak’, ‘Belong’ and ‘Until The Sun Explodes’, Kip Berman continues to pen an increasingly impressive catalogue of hits. The latest album, ‘Days of Abandon’ was described by Pitchfork as their “fizziest album yet… a crisp, effervescent gallop, splitting its time between dreamy balladry and spotless indie-pop.” 

Pete Astor B&W - April 2015 photo - Pam Berry
Pete Astor
Ex leader of The Loft, The Weather Prophets, and numerous other esteemed acts, Pete Astor’s songs remain timeless chamber-pop, brimming with wry lyrical insight and haunting melodic hooks. Now with Fortuna POP! his latest offering will be ‘Mr Music’, a bittersweet lament recorded with Veronica Falls and Ultimate Painting mainman James Hoare, continuing the story of Indie auteur Astor in perfect style.

Ralegh Long
Ralegh Long
Ralegh Long is an English singer-songwriter whose debut album Hoverance was released on Gare du Nord records in April this year, and was The Guardian’s Album of the Week. The beautifully pastoral record features a cast of collaborators including Tom Dougall of Toy, string-arranger Louis-Philippe, Jack Hayter (ex-Hefner) and A Little Orchestra. His new record was described as “really, really beautiful”, by DJ Lauren Laverne on the “Headphones Moment” of her BBC6music radio show.

Remi Parson
Rémi Parson
Rémi is a French synth pop singer living in London. His first album “Précipitations” is out now (LP/digital) on Objet Disque, and has been described as “reflecting those strange moments when the pop pantheon is rubbed with the unconscious”. He previously sang and played in indiepop bands Electrophönvintage and Sunny Street

Rodney Cromwell
Rodney Cromwell
Rodney Cromwell is the alter-ego of Adam Cresswell, formerly of John Peel favourites Saloon and electropop outfit Arthur and Martha. He makes music on old synths, kids toys and guitars from Argos. His debut solo album, ‘Album of Anxiety’, was released in March 2015 on Happy Robots Records, and features krautrock rhythms, melodic bass lines, toy instruments and a multitude of lo-fi moogs, ARPs and vintage synths. It is an album for fans of Factory Records, 80s coldwave and Kraftwerk.

The School
The School
The School are an 8-piece pop band from Cardiff on Elefant Records. Following albums ‘Loveless Unbeliever’ (2010) and ‘Reading Too Much Into Things Like Everything’ (2012), along with the recent picture disc ‘When I Fall In Love’ (WIAIWYA), their third album ‘Wasting Away and Wondering’ will be with us before the summer and promises to be full of sunshine pop, keyboard fuzz and Motown sounds. In the meantime, an EP 7″ was released this spring featuring two tracks from the new album and two covers (Knickers and Carole King), called ‘All I Want From You Is Everything’.

Some Like It Pop DJs
DJs Simon and Clare (Crimes Against Pop) play feelgood pop music spanning the decades, that will make even the most hardened indie pop fan want to shimmy. Everything from Motown to Miley, Duran Duran to Devo, ACDC to OMD, Abba to Zappa (you probably won’t hear any Zappa). 

Spinning Yarns DJs
DJ team Spinning Yarns are Alice and Daniel (Cosines) and Isabel (The Fireworks). They made their name DJing at craft events and they are available for knit-ins, bar mitzvahs, weddings, funerals and since 2013, indiepop festivals on steam railways. Expect everything from The Go-Gos to Grace Jones, dance to Le Tigre and The Nolans, Petite Meller and The Cars . . . it’s gonna be quite a ride! 

Steven James Adams
Steven James Adams
Steven James Adams released House Music, his first solo album, at the end of 2014. The Guardian said he “audibly poured frustration, hope, heart and soul into this outstanding debut”.  Previously known as frontman/songwriter for cult country pranksters The Broken Family Band and later for a two-album tenure with his indie pop-rock outfit Singing Adams, Steven James Adams has built a loyal following for his acerbic lyrics and classic songwriting.  House Music features contributions from Adams’s indie and folk friends including Lau, John Smith, Emily Barker, Dan Mangan and Justin Young from The Vaccines. This summer Adams is working on follow-up, which he describes as “a bad trip with choruses”

East London’s Tigercats returned with their new album and first release for Fortuna POP! in February. Mysteries is a vividly emotional and sonically expansive album, blending the very best of indiepop with complex song structures, lush production and beautiful arrangements. The band have toured across Europe, playing at Primavera and appearing on Spanish TV, while back in the UK they’ve appeared at both Indietracks and End of the Road festivals. They’ve also toured in the USA and Canada, their last trip culminating in a headline appearance at NYC Popfest.

Tuff Love
Tuff Love
Tuff Love are Julie Eisenstein (guitar, vocals) and Suse Bear (bass, vocals), two close-knit pals living in Glasgow, Scotland. Their musical partnership has produced a flurry of addictive, perfectly formed songs, tied together by heart-wrenching harmonies, swoon-inducing lyrics, and sun-soaked dreamy melodies. Their single Slammer won the BBC 6Music Rebel Playlist in November last year and they have been championed by the likes of Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq, Rob Da Bank, Huw Stephens, Gideon Coe and Vic Galloway. They have been filmed in session for BBC Introducing and The Guardian has called them “a band to fall in love with”.

The Tuts
The Tuts
The Tuts are a feisty DIY all girl punk band from West London. They’ve toured the UK and Europe with Kate Nash, played The Leftfield stage at Glastonbury and toured the UK with The Selecter in February 2015. Their energetic, powerful live performance is not one to be missed. 

Wave Pictures
The Wave Pictures
The Wave Pictures are David Tattersall, Franic Rozycki and Jonny ”Huddersfield” Helm. The band, who are based in London, formed in 1998 and have released 14 studio albums. Their newest album, Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, was written and recorded with seminal punk singer Billy Childish. It was released in February this year on Moshi Moshi, to widespread critical acclaim. Earlier this year they layed the BBC6 Music Festival in Manchester and also appeared on BBC6 Music DJ Marc Riley’s new “All Shook Up” music television show. The Guardian has described their work as “charming, witty songs shot through with Jonathan Richman’s gawky glee and Suede’s doomed provincial romanticism.”

Unpop (DJ set)
Amy and Adam have been DJing together since 2003 but in 2009 they started Unpop. This is an almost quarterly, somewhat shambolic indiepop night in Edinburgh, the ongoing semi-successful existence of which is a constant source of pleasant surprise to them both. Unpop has been to Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Brighton and Reykjavik, but both Amy and Adam love Indietracks with all their hearts and DJing in the marquee at the 2010 festival was pretty much a lifetime highlight for them. As such, they are very excited to be taking over the locomotive shed on the Friday night this year for some non-stop indiepop anthems! 

Violet Woods
Violet Woods
Formed in Cambridge in 2011, Violet Woods (featuring members of Fuzzy Lights, Mammoth Penguins and Betty & The Werewolves) will appear at Indietracks having released their debut self-titled album. This sparkling collection of tunes ranges anywhere from the 12 string jangle of classic Postcard and the choicer cuts from the Sarah vaults, through dusty East Coast soft psych Americana, via the retro synth vibes of Stereolab and Broadcast. The band has supported bands such as Wolf People, Cloud Control, Allo Darlin’ and The Wave Pictures and their debut LP is available on the Great Pop Supplement (vinyl) and Meadows (CD/digital). 

Line up subject to change.