Indietracks interview #7: Simon Love and the Old Romantics


Simon Love writes songs about girls, love, hate, Elton John and chopping off his penis. His LP “It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time” came out last year and was hailed as a breakthrough for modern living. This year he’s touring the world playing songs and getting lost in equal measure.  He’s just released a new EP ‘Tennis Fan’ in time for Wimbledon – here’s the video!

Hi Simon! The last time we saw you on the Indietracks main stage was with your old band The Loves in 2010. That day you were accompanied by go-go dancers and a man dressed as Jesus Christ. Without spoiling any surprises, can we expect as lavish a show from you this year?

No dancers or Jesus this time. Just pure Lad Rock/Jacketcore with all the hits from my LP. We’ve been told we can have fireworks, so every song might end with some of them going off.

Indietracks concludes several months of shows that’s seen you play New York and tour across Europe. What’s been the highlight so far?

I think the two highlights were both on the European tour. Finally playing in Vienna, after having the LP be in the Austrian Indie charts for weeks and weeks and finding out that most of the crowd knew all the words and everyone asking for photos and to have their records signed afterwards. AND I signed a man’s pants. As he was wearing them.

The other was the final night of the tour in Freiburg where we did the set and the encore song and went off. Then from the dressing room we could hear the crowd stomping and clapping and calling for more. So we went back on and did the first song of the set again. And then they still wanted more but we left them wanting.

Having said that of course New York was amazing too.

You also reunited The Loves for a one-off performance at this year’s Wales Goes Pop! festival. How did that come about?

The man from our old record company asked why I wasn’t playing as part of it was the 20th anniversary of the record company. I explained a few times that Liz [WGP! organiser] didn’t want to have people playing it over and over. Then I suggested to Liz (as one of my hilarious pranks) that I’d asked all the members of The Loves and they’d all said yes. She believed me and then I asked everyone and they all said yes. My one stipulation was that we’d get paid more than Darren Hayman, but I don’t think we did.

We did have 2 drummers on stage though. That sounded great. We had one rehearsal with them together on the day of the show, so if it’d sounded awful, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Probably should’ve taped it somehow as I doubt we’ll do it again.

What’s next for Simon Love? When can we expect LP #2?

The new EP Tennis Fan is out at on Friday the 1st of July as a download and tennis ball. I believe that tennis balls are of more use than cassette tapes. And I couldn’t afford the cost of making vinyls as i’m doing this myself.

It features 4 songs- 1 power ballad, 1 Alex Hale cover, 1 song that was going to be on the LP (but was called worse than a Beady Eye b-side by a fool) & a re-re-recording of Motherfuckers accompanied by A Little Orchestra. They’re on most of the EP & they’ve made it sound lovely.

Post-Indietracks, we’re having a rest for a few months as I’m getting married (sorry ladies…and some men) and after that I’m not sure what we’re doing. If I can trick someone to put out the 2nd LP, we’ll do that. If not, we’ll probably record the songs somehow and shove them out online.

We’ll be playing a few new songs at Indietracks, so be sure to bootleg as much of the set as possible just in case.

Thanks Simon!