Indietracks interview #5: Frida & Ale

frida-Ale 2

Interview by Claire Walker.

Frida & Ale are a Swedish/Italian indiepop band, with a new album due out in spring 2015. Frida used to play in Rough Bunnies and Ale plays in the Italian band Le Man Avec Les Lunettes. Their sold-out EP, ‘Frida & Ale Present​’, was released on We Were Never Being Boring Records in 2010 and is about “growing up, wishing and being experts in meaningless and self-destructive love”. This was followed by  their new album ‘I don’t like to see others having fun’ in April 2015.

Hi Frida and Ale! I stumbled on your music by accident and I’ve fallen in love with your album ‘I don’t like seeing others having fun’. What was the inspiration for the record?
Frida: We write diaries and then we google translate them into songs. It is a very simple process. Thank you internet!

Is their any reason your songs are generally under three minutes long?
Frida: Alessandro always wants to play slow. And slow songs should not be long.

How did you and Frida meet, and decide to form a band?
Alessandro: I met Frida in the summer of 2005 at Emmaboda, in Sweden. It’s been ten years! Wow! I was there playing at the festival with my band, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes, and she was there playing with her fantastic band, Rough Bunnies. As soon as Rough Bunnies got on stage I fell in love with their music. We connected and stayed in touch since, and during the following years our bands did various things together: an Italian tour, a double mini-cdr split, shared the stage at a festival in Copenhagen (Kaninkanon!), etc.

Every time we meet we try to record something at my studio: new songs, old songs … As a band Frida & Ale performed live just once in my hometown, Brescia (Italy), in 2009 at the My Honey Records farewell party: it was a short but intense live set together.

Alessandro, you are part of WWNBB (We Were never being boring), can you explain a bit about what it is?
Alessandro: We Were Never Being Boring is an indie label that connects different independent artists. A collective that is proud to have worked with bands like Be Forest, His Clancyness, Echopark, Le Man Avec Les Lunettes and more. It’s mainly run by me and Enzo in Italy and Samuele in the US.

Have you any surprises lined up for your performance at Indietracks? Will you be performing as a two piece?
Alessandro: We are working on a special song-list with covers and other songs. The thing that thrills me the most is the line-up: joining Frida & Ale on stage will be Fabio (from Le Man Avec Les Lunettes) playing bass, Frida’s cousin Moa will play keyboard, and our indie-pop dream team will also include Ragnhild, better known as “Soda Fountain Rag”, at the drum. Frida and I really love her music and we are super excited that she will join us on stage.

Is there anyone you are looking forward to seeing at Indietracks?
Alessandro: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Colleen Green, The Wave Pictures, Tigercats, Evans The Death, The Tuts and many more!

Thank you Frida and Alessandro, very excited to see you perform at the festival.