Indietracks interview #4: The Spook School

Interview by Claire Walker

Inspired by the post-punk-pop of The Buzzcocks, Lou Reed’s ‘Transformer’ and the films of Buster Keaton, with a dash of 60s pop for good measure, The Spook School are Nye Todd and Adam Todd on guitars, Anna Cory on bass, and not forgetting Niall McCamley who plays drums, tells jokes and takes his clothes off. The band explore gender, sexuality and queer issues with stories that do not shy away from being absurd and silly. 

Their album ‘Dress Up’ was released in 2014.

How excited are you for playing Indietracks this year, and not just as a replacement act this time round? Will there be any surprises in your set, or spectacular outfits from Niall?
We are super excited, it definitely feels more special being properly on the bill and it’s our favourite festival in the WORLD. There’s trains, birds of prey, late night dance-offs, illicit Buckfast supplies, and friends all together in one place. As for our set we’re sure Niall will put together some sort of outfit, recently he has been going for a leopard shirt and zebra trousers and claiming he’s a new kind of animal. A bizarre moustached drumming animal. Last year we played a wee acoustic set in the merch tent and broke out some Spice Girls so who knows if we have any silly covers up our sleeves!

Who are you looking forward to seeing at Indietracks and why?
HIDDEN CAMERAS!!!!!!!! And ONSIND and No Ditching because they are the bees knees, cat’s elbows and tiger’s pyjamas (esp. No Ditching because we haven’t seen them live yet, shock horror!), and Joanna Gruesome because they are Joanna flippin’ Gruesome, Trust Fund because they haven’t released enough music to sate our outrageous TF avarice and Sweet Baboo because his music is like a soft jumper made out of LOVE.

Are you looking forward to touring the USA, are your intentions now set for global domination?
We don’t know about global domination, maybe to just keep playing for people who would like to hear us. We don’t have any label or connections in America so it feels like a lovely bonus to be invited over there to play some shows and do it somewhere so far from home. It’s pretty surreal to think that we’re about to play in America and it’s pretty surreal to think about what they are going to make of our silly selves. The plan so far is to hug as many Americans as possible and say the word ‘rutabaga’ a lot.

What other plans do The Spook’s have for the rest of the year?
Writing new songs, record demos and start to think about an album #2 to keep Fortuna POP! happy. Watching Badults on BBC3 because somehow they asked us to do the music for the show and we can’t really believe it. Playing in Norway and Spain for the first time, playing more shows, hugging more people, continuing to try and convince Niall to keep his top on.