Indietracks interview #3: DIRTYGIRL


DIRTYGIRL are a four piece rock and roll band that originally formed in York, England, in August 2015. Since then they have had around twelve different bassists, relocated to London, recorded an EP and a split tape with Crumbs and done lots of other fun things that are quite unbelievable for four girls that spend most of band practice eating lots of food and trying to play covers of Destiny’s Child songs.
They play pop music that has been called lots of different things, such as punk, riot grrrl and fuzz pop and write music to make people feel sassy and good about themselves and also some sad songs because sometimes people get sad, too.

We spoke to Molly ahead of their Indietracks appearance…

Please tell us a bit more about DIRTYGIRL – where you’re from, how you met etc? 
Me (Molly) and Sumena are originally from York. Estella went to uni in York and is a well known face of the music scene in the area. We formed in the summer of 2015 when I dropped out of a Creative Writing course at Manchester Met and realised that I had lots of things written down that I wanted to sing about and that I also had no other life plan once I returned to York, so rock star seemed as good as any. I knew that Sumena also wanted to form a band so we started to exchange ideas and then one fateful night, the two of us were sat in a bar in York with Estella and somebody said “You three look like you should be in a band” and that was that. We’ve had around twelve different bassists since then, the first being our friend Anna who worked with us in York, but we met Eilidh through a friend when we got to London and she’s somehow managed to stick. Won’t seem to get the hint or something.

How would you describe your sound? 
We have been described as many things, including pop, riot grrrl, punk, fuzz and grunge and we’re happy with any of those. We write simple pop music, with smatterings of the above, which is usually v angry or v sad. We write music to make people feel good about themselves, music to get people angry to, music that a lot of people can relate to and also sad stuff cos sometimes people get sad too.

Do you have any particular influences, either musical or otherwise? 
I’m strongly influenced by my own personal experiences and the experiences of other women and people that aren’t CIS, white, straight males that continue to fight for their right to just live happily and with as many rights as anybody else. That sounds vomit worthy cheesy but it’s true, and I get angry for those people and my fellow gurls. I get inspired by the everyday women that I see on the street or on the bus, just going about their daily life being strong, badass women. As a band we’re v strongly influenced by the big, badass women in the business too, like Beyonce, Spice Girls, TLC, Missy Elliott, Etta James, Kathleen Hanna and all the other greats. The band is fuelled by Beyonce, Ru Paul’s Drag Race and a hell of a lot of snacks.

You’ve released an EP (Junk Food) and a split tape with Crumbs – what’s next for the band?
It’s hard to say what’s next for us as a band. I’d like to say a sell out stadium tour and crowds of adoring fans but that’s not really what we’re about and it’s not really where we’re at right now, either. Hopefully we’ll have enough new material in the near future to release an album or another EP. We might not be selling out stadiums, but we are going on tour at the end of June and throughout July with our great mates Molar and Pale Kids. It’s bound to be a huge laugh and we’ll definitely be hitting a venue near you so check out our Facebook page or Bandcamp for more details and dates cos it’d be super cool to see you there.

Indietracks is set at a steam railway, which is pretty unique! Please tell us about any other unusual venues you’ve played in the past, if any?
I don’t think we’ve played anywhere massively out there, but we have played a fair few house shows at Astbury Castle in Peckham. It’s such a rad collective and promotes such a rad message and all the bands that play there and people that live there are equally as rad. If you wanna start a band or start putting on shows, put on house shows or look for house shows to play. They promote and support DIY culture, are such a rewarding and fun experience and mean you’re not giving money to bad venues or paying ridiculous prices for beers. So yeah, we really like house shows!

Is there anyone in particular you’re looking forward to seeing at Indietracks? 
We’ve got plenty of mates and bands that we’re into playing over the weekend, stand out names being The Spook School, Chrissy Barnacle, Two White Cranes, Alimony Hustle, Ay Carmela, Charla Fantasma, Trust Fund and Witching Waves. The whole thing is set to be a wicked time though so try to see everybody!!