Indietracks interview #21: Eureka California


Interview by Andy (A Fog Of Ideas).

Eureka California are garagey sweaty rock n’ roll fun with enormous pop hooks.  “Their songs are frantic.  the vocals break. The guitars fuzz. It’s all very immediate”, says the internet.  The two piece have two cracking LPs on Happy Happy Birthday To Me plus a clutch of must have singles, including a split with the UK’s splendid Good Grief.

Fog: Please explain who you are and what you do.
EC: We are two people from Athens, Ga, with boring day-jobs, and we also play music in this band. We play guitar and drums and one of us sings. If you see us you will probably be able to figure out who does what.

Fog: What do you know about Indietracks? Have you attended the festival previously? What are you looking forward to/what are you dreading?
EC: There are trains. No. Playing our set and seeing as many other bands as possible. Dreading finding somewhere to stay, I suppose — otherwise it sounds wonderful.

Fog: Will you have any product to sell, if so what? Is it reasonably priced?
EC: We have lots of cool t-shirts, vinyl, CDs, tapes. I have to say it’s all very, very reasonably priced.

Fog:  What’s your favourite train?
EC: ‘Crazy Train’ by Black Sabbath.

Fog:  Describe the ‘look’ you’ll be going for at Indietracks.
EC: Probably ‘sweaty Americans’ and I’m sure we’ll achieve it without effort at all.

Fog:  What bands are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival or are you being helicoptered in 5 minutes before your set and flown straight out again after?
EC: Our tourmates Bunnygrunt for sure. Also our personal saviour Jen Schande… Ethical Debating Society, Luxembourg Signal, The Fireworks, Mammoth Penguins, Laetitia Sadier. And The Go! Team is one of Jake’s favorite bands ever.

Fog:  If you could pick any band living or deceased to play Indietracks anywhere on the bill on a stage of your choice who’ve never played previously, which band would you pick and on what stage and at what time?
EC: Van Halen, on the stage we’re playing, at the same time as us, so we could ask them if we can name our next album Van Halen Two (it’s the best title we’ve thought of so far). At midnight. The witching hour.

Fog:  Are there any surprises instore for your 2015 Indietracks performance (you can make stuff up)?
EC: If we told you they wouldn’t be a surprise!