Indietracks interview #20: Bunnygrunt


Interview by Andy (A Fog Of Ideas).

‘The World’s Cutest Band’, Bunnygrunt from St Louis, Missouri formed in 1993 and have, over the years, popped and rocked with such dedication, zeal and aplomb whirlwinds and earthquakes have followed in their wake (citation needed).  Rumour is this may be the last time the band visit the UK, so don’t miss out… ”This isn’t music for blogs, this is shout along live, loud, in the joyful moment Rock-n-Roll”.

Bunnygrunt are Matt Harnish, Eric Von Damage and, for this UK tour, Ashley Hohman, ably standing in for Karen Ried (“Karen’s not out of the band or dying or anything, she just couldn’t swing the UK this time. Circumstances beyond her/our control conspired against us all.”).

Fog: Please explain who you are and what you do.
Matt:  I play the guitar & sing the songs in the Bunnygrunt.

Fog:  What do you know about Indietracks? Have you attended the festival previously? What are you looking forward to/what are you dreading?
Matt: I’ve not attended an Indietracks before, but from the reports I’ve heard from other bands that I know that have played it, other folks I know who’ve attended, my label guy’s testimonials, & all the photos of smiling, dancing indie kids I’ve seen, I’ve gotten the impression that it’s some sort mixed martial arts sporting convention held in Las Vegas once every hundred years. I am both looking forward to & dreading trying the brown acid.

Fog: Will you have any product to sell, if so what? Is it reasonably priced?
Matt: The Bunnygrunts have a new album called “Bunnygrunt Vol. 4” out on HHBTM, available on LP/CD/CS. I haven’t heard it yet, but our last one was pretty good. I’m hoping somebody tells me what to sell it for, as I’ll be too busy trying to figure out which side of the road to drive on do that kind of research for myself.

Fog: What’s your favourite train?
Matt: That one, what’s it called? You know, the big one?

Fog: Describe the ‘look’ you’ll be going for at Indietracks.
Matt: Kind of an “Aztec warrior meets Oliver Twist” thing, unless you think that would be pandering to the crowd too much. You’d tell me, right?

Fog: What bands are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival or are you being helicoptered in 5 minutes before your set and flown straight out again after?
Matt: I don’t know. Are any Metal bands playing?

Fog: If you could pick any band living or deceased to play Indietracks anywhere on the bill on a stage of your choice who’ve never played previously, which band would you pick and on what stage and at what time?
Matt: Bunnygrunt, Indoor Stage, Saturday afternoon. That would be awesome!

Fog: Are there any surprises instore for your 2015 Indietracks performance (you can make stuff up)?
Matt: I’m not sure how much of a surprise it is at this point, but I’m really curious to see how people are going to react when they see how frightfully old I’ve gotten. Some say oxygen tanks & rock-n-roll don’t mix, but despite my recent hip replacement & increasing dementia, I’m pretty spry for an 83 year old grandfather.

Fog: Any requests from you to the audience?
Matt: Don’t start none, won’t be none.