Indietracks interview #2: Laura J Martin


Laura J. Martin hails from the suburbs of Liverpool and mines the darker, esoteric underbelly of folk. With untold layers of intrigue, she flits effortlessly between flute, mandolin and piano, as well as looped vocals and instruments. She has so far released two off-kilter, psychedelic albums on the Static Caravan label to widespread acclaim – ‘The Hangman Tree’ and ‘Dazzle Days’ – and has supported the likes of Euros Childs, Gruff Rhys, Scout Niblett, Little Dragon, and Jonny.

Our Nat sent over a few interview questions ahead of her Indietracks 2014 appearance:

Hello Laura! Your lovely album Dazzle Days was released late last year – what have you been up to since then?
Well, thanks for saying it’s lovely! To launch Dazzle Days I was on tour with Euros Childs,The Wellgreen and Adam Stearns and followed this with a solo tour. I have been busy writing my next album but most recently I collaborated with Shawn Lee at Maida Vale studios for Radio 3’s Late Junction.

The flute is your main instrument of choice, along with piano, loop pedals and all other sorts of wonderful instruments! Have you always had the flute as your main instrument and, if so, what made you decide to focus on that?
The small hands really. Double bass was definitely out and tuba a no-no. Also, flute was the instrument for which lessons were offered for free at school so that was what I started on. I do have a soft spot for piano as I grew up listening to my Grandad play it.

We’re really looking forward to having you at Indietracks! What can people expect from your set?
A one woman rave machine with a Glaswegian gent on bass and percussion

Is there anyone else you’re looking forward to seeing at the festival?
Los Cripis and Trust Fund and Gruff Rhys and The Wellgreen.

As well as your solo career, you’ve also collaborated with Euros Childs, Sweet Baboo and Shawn Lee. How did these collaborations come about, and what did you enjoy most about them?
All the collaborations were a bundle of fun and they mostly came about through sharing a bill, friends and Nick Luscombe.

Thanks Laura! If you can’t wait until Indietracks in July, you can catch Laura at a SoundsXP show in London on 5 June.

And here’s the fantastic animated video for Half Perfect, from the Dazzle Days album.