Indietracks interview #2: Euros Childs

Euros Childs is a solo artist hailing from Pembrokeshire, Wales, and has released 10 studio albums to date. He also fronted psychedelic Welsh band Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci from 1991 until their demise in 2004. Euros is a keen collaborator, having released albums as Jonny with Teenage Fanclub’s Norman Blake, and as Cousins with former Race Horses singer Meilyr Jones in 2012. When asked what kind of music he plays by taxi drivers or distant relatives Euros replies ”It’s pop music with a bit of folk music thrown in, sometimes synthesizers are used, sometimes pianos or guitars. But it’s always rock n roll”..

Hello Euros! We hear you’ve got a new album coming out this summer! Tell us a bit more about it and when it’s due to be released.

It should be coming out in September. It was recorded back in April. Not sure what it’s called yet.

Your last album, Eilaaig, was largely instrumental and played on piano. Will the new album be in a similar vein, and is there a specific theme or topic for the new record?

This album is very different to the last one,  it’s more song based and it’s recorded with a band consisting of Stuart Kidd – drums, Marco Rea – guitar and Rhydian Jones – bass and Laura J Martin  – flute. The album doesn’t have a specific theme as such.

You’re very prolific, pretty much releasing an album every year. Tell us a bit more about your songwriting process – and are there lots of ideas/ songs that don’t get used?

I write quite regulary, so there are lots of ideas that end up not being used. If a melody grabs my attention then I’ll keep working on it, if it’s a bit rubbish then it’ll be left unused, so it’s a case of trial and error.

You give your music away free online, which seems to have worked really well to help get your music known and shared around the world. How does this compare to when you were playing with Gorky’s? Is it easier to reach fans directly now?

With my site I offer a donate option for all downloads, so it works on a pay if you want / can basis, so not necessarily free. It’s like going to restaurant and paying what you think the meal’s worth or walking out without paying. Luckily quite a lot of people want to pay something or buy a physical copy. It’s very different to when Gorky’s were around, people don’t pay for music in the same numbers that they did then so it’s not all about getting people to buy a CD anymore.

We noticed you’re playing a couple of festivals this summer, is there also a tour planned to help promote the new album?

Yes, I’m currently planning tour for October with a few more dates after that.

Tell us a bit more about what you’ve got planned for this year’s Indietracks! What can we expect?

It’ll be with a full band and a mixture of old and new songs.

Are there any plans to release any more Jonny albums? We hear there’s a rumour that the Joe Meek tribute record might finally be released.

Yes, we’re hoping to record a new album pretty soon. We recorded some demos a while ago and they sound good. The Joe Meek tribute record should be out at some point. Not sure exactly when though.

Thank Euros – see you in July!