Indietracks interview #19: The Fireworks

The Fireworks

Interview by Andy (A Fog Of Ideas).

Every celebration needs Fireworks… a riot of bursting noise and colour, incandescent, effervescent, making the heart soar, a thrilling display of oohs and ahs. The Fireworks have released two singles and an LP on Shelflife and a flexi for Freakscene, all of which are essential and vital and utterly necessary.
The gang you want to hang with… The Fireworks!

Andy Fog Of Ideas: Please explain who you are and what you do.
Shaun: Shaun, drums and some extra guitar on the album.
Emma: Vocals and occasional guitar.
Matthew: Hi my name’s Matthew, I play the guitar, occasionally sing, provide backing vocals and- on occasion- scream, when I feel the need.
Isabel: Jeloh! I’m the band’s foreign member (aka ‘The Manic Hispanic’) and I play the bass guitar.

AFOI: What do you know about Indietracks? Have you attended the festival previously? What are you looking forward to/what are you dreading?
Isabel: I’m pretty much a regular attendee although I couldn’t make it last year, I was in the middle of moving houses…looking forward to drink ‘carrot’ cider and meet the all the usual suspects of the indiepop gang…dreading the sauna-like heat in the church.
Shaun: Yes, been before and am looking forward to meeting up with friends, taking the kids, and the look on my partner Carol’s face when she realises that camping is a reality!
Emma: Yes I’ve been every year except 2014 when I went on holiday instead. Hello Team Indietracks! This year I’m looking forward to not having to push other bands’ riders around in a wheelbarrow, but also terrified of coming face to face with teddy bears and getting strangled by some bunting.
Matthew: I know that it’s great and run by great people… I didn’t go last year, but massively looking forward to it this year. I’m dreading there not being a cup of tea on site… Always a massive downer anywhere.

AFOI: Will you have any product to sell, if so what? Is it reasonably priced?
Matthew: I hope so, I know we’ve got some lovely tote bags, t shirts and a few albums… All very reasonably priced, more competitive than all other outlets (I guess).
Isabel: If we remember to bring them (*winking at Shaun*), we’ll have few hand silk-screened tote bags, S, M, L, XL t-shirts and our import album LP (second press with white and red splatter vinyl) all priced within reason, of course.
Shaun: Yes, lovely vinyl and t-shirts, and at a far more reasonable price than the shops!
Emma: The vinyl, I might add, is raspberry cheesecake flavour, so worth it at any price.

AFOI: What’s your favourite train?
Emma: The Love Train (Love Train).
Isabel: Jim Jarmusch’s film ‘Mystery Train’ (1989)
Shaun: A model I bought in Switzerland as a kid, electric with extending overhead connections. Overnight sleepers in strange parts of Eastern Europe. I do genuinely love trains on the quiet, actually not even on the quiet…
Matthew: Well, Thomas is always good for a ride, but don’t tell ‘the Fat Controller’… he gets a bit possessive.

AFOI: Describe the ‘look’ you’ll be going for at Indietracks.
Shaun: Bald/speccy and slightly damp from camping.
Emma: There’s a good chance I’ll be wearing black. Last time I played Indietracks I experimented with yellow, but it didn’t really work out and I kept getting chased by bugs.
Isabel: Not a clue…still haven’t decided…I really need a haircut though!
Matthew: Something modernist and summery I hope.

AFOI: What bands are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival or are you being helicoptered in 5 minutes before your set and flown straight out again after?
Emma: I’m being helicoptered in on the Sunday morning, will watch my friend Jen Schande on the train, and then I’ll pretty much be camped at the indoor stage until 6.45pm (Tuff Love, us, The Tuts, The Luxembourg Signal). After that, I will just go where the mood and refreshments take me.
Shaun: Definitely going for the whole thing. I’ve never seen Pete Astor (or The Loft), and am quite partial to Evans The Death. Lots of other things as well, currently I have the Chorusgirl song from the compilation going round my head.
Matthew: I’m really looking forward to seeing The Tuts, I’ve seen them once and they were ace. Massively looking forward to seeing The Luxembourg Signal. I’m also excited to see Pete Astor and The Caternary Wires.
Isabel: Staying Friday to Monday and camping, oh yes baby! Looking forward to see Colleen Green, Fever Dream, Feature, Tuff Love, Luxembourg Signal, JUNK., Eureka California and a couple of other bands whose names escape me just now.

AFOI: If you could pick any band living or deceased to play Indietracks anywhere on the bill on a stage of your choice who’ve never played previously, which band would you pick and on what stage and at what time?
Matthew: A wish list… I’d love Josef K to do their Postcard stuff especially form their ‘The Only Fun in Town’ album. Fire Engines to do a lightning set circa 1981. Meat Whiplash to do a set of what they did circa 1985. Razorcuts doing what they did best in 1986… Then I’d be immensely happy.
Isabel: New Zealand bands like The Brunettes or any Flying Nun bands like The Verlaines, The Clean, The Bats, The Chills…If only they weren’t so far away and logistics weren’t so prohibitive! All at the Outdoor Stage so we can sit in the grass watching them while drinking ‘carrot’ cider.
Emma: Cocteau Twins headlining the main stage, Siouxsie and the Banshees (circa 1981) headlining the indoor stage. The Go-Go’s on the outdoor stage during the day as the sun shines. Oh, and The Specials too please. Sorted!
Shaun: The Fall 1983 line-up (Slates/Hex etc.) in the Shed, last band on. Oh, and an obvious one, I would like to have seen Joy Division, but also agree with Matthew about Josef K and The Fire Engines.

AFOI: Are there any surprises instore for your 2015 Indietracks performance (you can make stuff up)?
Shaun: We might even have some new songs, you never know!
Matthew: Well we’ve got a few new songs and there might be some other things up our sleeves… Who knows, I don’t want to spoil surprises (even for myself!).
Isabel: Well if I tell you then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?…OK, if you twist my arm I’ll tell you that we are working on a couple of cover songs, but we haven’t decided yet if we are going to play any of them…Also, I really hope Matthew keeps his word and brings his stilettos 😉

AFOI: Any requests from you to the audience?
Shaun: Bring glitter guns for Isabel, last seen on stage for Helen Love in 2013 – that’s Isabel, as well as the glitter guns…
Matthew: Have a really ace time, jump up and down, get excited, fall over and laugh.
Isabel: Enjoy the festival but make sure you come to see us play on Sunday, Indoor Stage, 16:00 – 16:40.
Emma: A pint of pale ale, ta!

AFOI: What next for The Fireworks? What does the year ahead hold for the band? New single? New album? A pop-up book?
The Fireworks: We’re playing at the Lemonpop festival in Spain in September but haven’t really made any plans beyond that because we’ve all been so busy since the album release! We’ll be going for our usual band curry soon to talk about this stuff, so who knows…