Indietracks interview #18: The Thyme Machine

Interview by Claire Walker 

The Thyme Machine are a lo-fi indiepop band from Lancaster fronted by a man in a leopard suit called Kriss Foster. They sing about taxidermy, favourite jumpers, seabirds and going for a day out to the Lake District with a zombie. They’ve performed a month long run at the Edinburgh Fringe, and recently released a new album ‘Wake Up with The Thyme Machine’.

Admittedly I’ve recently just discovered The Thyme Machine (and I am smitten), so Kriss from the band agreed to answer a few questions. Tell us a little about yourself, where are you based, and how did you form the band? 

We’re based in Lancaster in Lancashire and we’ve been together for four years. I learned guitar for my Duke of Edinburgh Award and had always fancied playing an electric guitar. Our drummer Tom would really like to play the guitar and sing but we can’t find another drummer so he has to stay on the drums. Tom, Paul and Jeremy are fantastic musicians and really good blokes. We have a great giggle playing the songs and getting to play different shows.

‘Playing Away With The Thyme Machine’ was a clever football inspired album, were you part of any sweepstakes for the world cup and did any of you win? 

I entered a few sweepstakes for the world cup. I think the most exciting part was when my team (Greece) played my wife’s team (Ivory Coast)- Greece score a last minute penalty which made me very happy and my wife very sad. It didn’t last long though as Greece were knocked out by Costa Rica in the next round. I had a fiver on Rooney scoring against Uruguay so that was alright as well.

Have you been to Indietracks before? Is there anyone you are excited to set?

I’ve never been to Indietracks before. Our friends The Lovely Eggs are from Lancaster too and they always say how great it is. I see it advertised every year and always mean to go but never seem to. No excuses this year. The fact that it’s at the Midiland Railway Centre is amazing. I’ve been chatting with our guitarist Paul – he’s really excited about Let’s Wrestle and Joanna Gruesome. I’m excited about Spook School, The Swapsies and we’re both really excited about seeing Allo Darlin’ and the steam trains. It’s my six month daughter’s first festival as well so I’m excited to introduce her to indiepop and steam trains!

What other plans do The Thyme Machine have for the rest of year?

We’re going to release our next single, “Jonny Grew a Beard” on floppy disc and then finish our third album, “Going Steady with The Thyme Machine”. Our first two “Wake Up with The Thyme Machine” and the double album, “Top and Tail with the Thyme Machine” are on Spotify.

Me and Tom are taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe called Kriss Foster and Friend. It’s our third year up there so we’re excited about that. Hopefully have a good Christmas party as well. I’d like to finish my World Cup Sticker album- I only need one – if anyone has Joshua Kennedy from Australia please get in touch!

Thank you Kriss.