Indietracks interview #15: Flemmings


Interview by Andy (A Fog Of Ideas).

Flemmings are a tres bon international three piece bringing the ruckus/rucking the bringus as one might expect from a band with their particular pedigree (check which bands these fellows have been in/are also in further down).

Andy Fog Of Ideas: Please explain who you are and what you do.
Flemmings: Hello we are Flemmings and we are Dave on guitar and Mads on guitar and Jez on drums.

AFOI: What do you know about Indietracks? Have you attended the festival previously? What are you looking forward to/what are you dreading?
Jez: Mads is the Indietracks veteran, like an aging football fan always harping back to the ‘glory years,’ (2008-2010 apparently). Subsequently his band Sock Puppets and my ex Ace Bushy Striptease both played in 2011 in the church and shed respectively, and then Dave played with Bloomer in 2013 too. We’ve been coming every year since and particularly look forward to the campsite lodge disco at 4am and the first two minutes of campsite football before remembering my stamina on football manager ratings is about 1/20.
Mads: This will actually be my 3rd time playing the church stage – which also happens to be my favourite stage, so very happy about that! I played there in 2008 with Roadside Poppies and in 2011 with Sock Puppets. This will be my 6th time at Indie tracks in total. I’m looking forward to going! And not dreading anything! … Except possible running out of cash.

AFOI: Will you have any product to sell, if so what? Is it reasonably priced?
J: We will have our new tape hopefully. It is called Shake Well Before Use and has some new songs on it which are quite pleasant if you like songs about slabs of rock and choruses with two letters. It’ll be out on Odd Box and £3. We also have some t shirts left for fans of the colour green and sad poos.

AFOI: What’s your favourite train?
Dave: ‘Drug Train’ by The Cramps
J: The Intercity to Bristol from Cheltenham station circa 1991.
M: Doc Browns modified steam train time machine from Back to the Future III – no competition at all!

AFOI: Describe the ‘look’ you’ll be going for at Indietracks.
J: I see you’ve picked us out for true fashionistas, well, let me tell you, I have an outfit planned that Indietracks will not be prepared for*.
D: I’ll ask my mum, she’s always right about my outfit.
M: I’m more of a “smell” person – so that’s what I will be focusing on this year.

(*read: fretting about which band t-shirt to wear)

AFOI: What bands are you looking forward to seeing at this year’s festival or are you being helicoptered in 5 minutes before your set and flown straight out again after?
J: We’ll be there from start to finish for sure. Lots of looking forwards to but in particular can’t wait to see Chorusgirl wow everyone, hopefully we’ll catch a bit of Mammoth Penguins before we go on, and kinda hoping Martha play The Historian ‘cause it’s been stuck in my head for nigh on ten days now.
D: You guys let us stay the whole weekend which is really cool, there are loads of amazing bands to see, like The Ethical Debating Society, Grubs or Mammoth Penguins.
M: Ethical Debating Society because they’re always the hardest rocking band wherever they go! Martha obviously. And Jen Schande and Feature and Grubs … And Bunnygrunt has been on my list for years! Lots of great bands!

AFOI: If you could pick any band living or deceased to play Indietracks anywhere on the bill on a stage of your choice who’ve never played previously, which band would you pick and on what stage and at what time?
M: Only one?! Wow, that’s hard … I guess it would be All Girl Summer Fun Band. Supported by Redd Kross and The Muffs. Outdoor stage, 7 pm sharp!
D: Black Sabbath playing the Church on a Sunday at midday for the mass, but the good lineup! with Bill Ward on drums obvs. If they are too old and too expensive to book them we can always swap them for Sleep.
J: Brand New, circa 2004, on the steam train, the 3am slot, just to me.

AFOI: Are there any surprises instore for your 2015 Indietracks performance?
J: You betcha!
M: We have a store?
D: All the labels bosses singing “we are the world”

AFOI: Any requests from you to the audience?
J: Please pretend to like us so we feel good about ourselves.
D: We always appreciate people clapping hands during our songs.
M: Please recover the diadem of dread from the evil wizard’s tower … although that might be more of a quest than a request. I always get those two mixed up, English is not my first language.