Indietracks interview #14: The Lovely Eggs

Lovely Eggs

Interview by Andy Hart.

The Lovely Eggs are an underground punk rock duo from northern England. They have a fierce punk rock ethos that music should have no rules. For Holly and David being in a band is a way of life. True to this, they live the way they play. Fiercely, constantly in search of the good times. With observational and often surreal lyrics about life The Lovely Eggs have a powerful stripped down sound: one vintage guitar amp, one Big Muff distortion pedal, a guitar and a drum kit. They have produced three albums. 2015 saw The Lovely Eggs return with their fourth self-produced and self-recorded album ‘This is Our Nowhere’: a title which sums up their celebration and love of a scene which doesn’t exist in the eyes of the manufactured mainstream. Ironically the record received 8/10 in the NME.

Hello Holly, hello David, what’s happening with Lovely Eggs at the minute? Any new business afoot? I see you’ll be touring in October and November and have a few shows planned around Indietracks too…

Well we are writing songs for a new album which we should be recording soon and the usual bumming about in Lancaster. We’ve got a UK tour in October and then busy doing festivals over the summer. So yeah we’ve got quite a bit on our plate.

You’ve played Indietracks three times previously (2007, 2009 and 2013 respectively), this’ll be your fourth time… any particularly fond memories? Anything you’d like to say about the festival to sell it to people that have never been?

Fondest memory is the first year when we made friends with Helen Smithson and Steven Hooley. We were playing in the train carriage and they were two of about 8 people watching us. We bonded over a love of Strongbow and Nuts in May. Perfect combination and we’re still friends, although sadly Helen is no longer with us. Seeing The Bobby Mcgees play the church that year was also pretty special. I think the second time we played in the church and I (Holly) joined the queue to go and see my own band which was pretty funny. I couldn’t believe that many people were queuing outside so I was excited about seeing this amazing band, till I realised it was us! And then in 2013 we played in the shed before Helen Love who was great. Had a great time but no one told us we had a rider so we left it all behind. It was only about a year after when we popped round to Helen (Love’s) house for a cuppa that she mentioned that we weren’t drinking that day. And we said “no!” and she said she’d seen all these little bottle of wine and cider with our name on backstage and we were like “nooooo!!” We didn’t even know there was a backstage!! We just went down the offie to buy some cans. So, bittersweet that year.

Andy:  Do you have any surprises in store for your Indietracks set (you can make stuff up)?

There might be one.

Any requests (formal/informal) from you to the audience?

Get pissed and heckle. Keep us in our comfort zone please!

What’s your favourite song about trains or a train?

Not really but Robyn Hitchcock ‘I Often Dream of Trains’ is probably quite suitable


What’s your favourite ice lolly?

Cider Quench

How would you recommend people keep cool if it’s hot? How would you recommend people keep dry if it’s raining?

Drink Strongbow indoors.

Are there any bands on the bill you’re especially keen to see if you get the chance over the weekend?

Well there are a few but we’re only there for the Saturday. But if we were there all weekend then we’d go and see Nervous Twitch, Haiku Salut, Comet Gain, Simon Love and Spook School,  On the Saturday will definitely try and see Bearsuit, Two White Cranes, Kriss Foster and Dirty Girl. But really looking forward to discovering some new bands. There’s loads we’ve not seen before.

Which three bands would you have play Indietracks if the Lovely Eggs were ‘curating’ (as I think the types say these days) if you had a time machine and magick at your disposable (which you may just do)?

Nirvana, Syd Barrett and Black Sabbath.

And finally do you have any life advice for the reader?

People are twats but fuck it.