Indietracks interview #11: Jessica and the Fletchers


Interview by Andy Hart.

Jessica & the Fletchers is a noisepop/c86 band from Barcelona. They released their debut album, Connecting People, on Discos de Kirlian in 2015 and have previously played shows at Primavera Sound and NYC Popfest.

Andy : So, who are Jessica & The Fletchers? Who plays what instrument? Who’s the boss?

Toni: Hey good afternoon Andy! 🙂 Jessica & the Fletchers are Jane Wildson, Sonia Montoya, Aitor Bigas and me, Antoni Amaya (also known as Toni Ponix).

Jane is our singer and guitar player, Sonia plays the bass, Aitor does the drumming and I play keyboards, sing backing vocals and make the songs that we play. We could say that I am the boss, but that word sounds horrible to me in this terms haha

Andy:  How would you describe the Jessica & The Fletchers sound?

Toni: I would say that basically we play fast and noisy pop music with a lot of reverb.

Our sound is very inspired in 80’s C86 and indiepop, bands we like include The Rosehips and Bubblegum Splash, though I would say that the songs themselves have a lot of inspiration by J-Pop or Spanish 80’s punk pop bands.

I want to make something simple, cute and enjoyable.

Andy: I believe this is your first time playing Indietracks, have you been to the festival before? If so, what are your feelings/memories/favourite things?

Toni: I came once in 2013.  Helen Love is one of my favourite bands (one of the best punk pop bands ever, or The Best) and I couldn’t miss the chance to see them live. The line-up was absolutely amazing so I came alone from Spain, though other friends of mine were going to be there too, from Spain, and from, like, all the planet.  A Spanish band played, When Nalda Became Punk, it was a great show.  (All the) shows were great.  I especially remember Bis, The Lovely Eggs, Cars Can Be Blue, Alpaca Sports, The Pastels, The Secret History, Helen Love, Camera Obscura, The Brilliant Corners, Northern Spies and Another Sunny Day.

The experience was amazing. I was staying in Lower Hartshay, in the middle of nowhere.  A very relaxing indiepop country weekend though I got lost following Google Maps indications on my way to the festival and I had to follow an incredible “special” path around an abandoned factory, ha ha.

Andy:  Do you have any surprises in store for your Indietracks set (you can make stuff up)?

Toni: Oh yes, everybody likes surprises, well, not everybody. Some people get, like, nervous and stuff, but we’re not having anything creepy or so.

Andy:  Favourite train song?

Toni: There are many great train songs!

Steaming Train by Talulah Gosh or El Tren by La Buena Vida are some of my favourites…

… but I can’t forget about  18:10 to Yeovil Junction by Bubblegum Splash or Swanwick Junction by Northern Spies.

Andy: Tell the readers about the Spanish indiepop scene, Spanish bands/labels they should be checking out, anything else that you feel they need to know!

Toni: The Spanish indiepop scene is a very complex thing actually, ha ha. Compared to some other places we could say we have a big scene, some labels and good bands.

The most iconic indiepop Spanish label might be Elefant Records [who hosted the main stage at Indietracks in 2009 – Andy] where recently came out my dear friends Papa Topo record (which might be one of the best LPs of the year, decade or something). They release some really cool Spanish bands like Axolotes Mexicanos (they played Indietracks in 2014), Linda Guilala [also Indietracks 2014 – Andy], Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, Los Bonsais (<3) [last year! – Andy], Single and La Casa Azul [a very memorable turn in 2009 – Andy] and many other bands from other countries like Lightning in a Twilight Hour, Alpaca Sports or Iko Chérie [also Camera Obscura, The School, BMX Bandits – Andy].

There’s Discos de Kirlian too which is one of my favorite Spanish labels. They released our 1st album and helped a lot with promotion! They also release VLIVM, Puzzles y Dragones, Espiritusanto or Capitán Sunrise.

I can think of Chin Chin Records (Mundiales) too, more punk pop but very poppish, they release a band I really like called Los Ginkas.

There are other labels which release indie music but those mentioned might be the more indiepop oriented. The band scene is very interesting with cool bands like the ones mentioned already plus Yumi Yumi Hip Hop, Zipper, Doble Pletina, Grushenka and many others.

I actually listen to a lot of Spanish indiepop from the late 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. Some of my fave bands are from then, like Aventuras de Kirlian, Le Mans, La Buena Vida, El Joven Bryan Superstar, Jonipai, La Pequeña Suiza, Jonipai, Juniper Moon, Serpentina, Me Enveneno de Azules, TCR, Shizuka, Guillermine, Los Fresones Rebeldes, Los Suspensos and many, many others.

I think that it is tough we have this amazing pop history but we never had much noise-c86-influenced pop, though darker shoegaze showed more it’s print.

Andy:  Which bands are you particularly excited about seeing over the Indietracks weekend?

Toni: Many bands actually! Flowers, Saint Etienne, The Lovely Eggs, The Spook School, Maggie8, Expert Alterations, The Aislers Set, Comet Gain, Red Sleeping Beauty, Boys Forever, Charla Fantasma and some others I don’t know much but look great!

Andy: Any requests from you to the audience?

Toni: Actually yes, hahaha! Sometimes seems hard to understand what we sing basically because we use a lot of reverb. We have all the lyrics on bandcamp so if you want to know what we sing or just sing along check them before our show 😛

Andy:  Will you have records and merchandise (badges? t-shirts?) available at the festival?

Toni: We’ll have at least for sure copies of our last 7″ on the lovely Market Square Recordings. The record sounds nice and sleeves have been printed one by one in a very old-school technique that make them look like a true Sarah 7″. They come with a weird cool postcard with the lyrics (helpful). What I mean is that I think that Paul Messis , the label guy, made a great work turning music into a cool physical object.

Andy: Finally, favorito polo de hielo?

Toni: 🙂 Strawberry or melon.

Thanks for the interview <3 See you in some weeeeks!