Indietracks interview #11: Fever Dream

Fever Dream

Interview by Sam Metcalf

Fever Dream play dark, fuzzy, menacing music that blurs the line from noisy shoegaze to angular post-punk. Intense, melodic and expansive, they are a real treat live and have really good hair. Their album Moyamoya will be released by Club AC30 in April 2015 and we chatted to them ahead of their Indietracks appearance.

Are you excited about Indietracks, or what?
We can’t wait! It’ll be our last gig of a week-long tour of t’north so we’ll either be a psychic bond of perfect synchronicity, or a total mess. It’s always great fun to attend Indietracks, and we get in for free which is a bonus.

Last time you played on the indoor stage, in what was one of my favourite Indietracks memories. Adrian was particularly animated. I take it you enjoyed that?
It’s definitely the most nervous we’ve been before a gig, so it could’ve ended with us staring at the floor or vomiting on our shoes. We might try that this time around if it’s not too warm.

You’ve got a new record out. A mixture of old and new – how has the band changed in the last couple of years?
We’re almost 10% better, and our hair is slightly longer. There are songs on the album that feel ancient to us now (and we haven’t played live for a long time), alongside stuff that feels brand new – but we hope that album comes has a consistent sound and representative of us live. We’ve got a much better sense of what we can do and want to get out of a song now – and we recently replaced Adey with a synthetic that turns up on time, which helps.

Your influences are pretty clear to me, but I’m often hopelessly wrong about this. Who’s buttering your toast at the moment, music-wise? I need validation.
It’s been a great time to see old favourites like Ride and Blur playing shows and not being shit. We like a lot of newer, louder stuff too; Viet Cong, Ought, Hookworms, Godspeed and Cheatahs are all top. We played a few shows with our label mates Pinkshinyultrablast and they are incredible live. Do you feel validated?

What you going to be getting up to at Indietracks when you’re not on stage?
Sitting, chatting, watching bands, and watching Jonny from Tigercats watch the steam roller crushing cans (it’s worth the admission alone). We promised not be naughty when we applied, so absolutely nothing naughty. Oh and owls!

You’re opening the entire festival. How drunk will you be by Sunday lunchtime?
It’s rude not to try each of the ales twice, followed by an orange cider chaser. So about 5 drunk? It’s going to be interesting opening – hopefully people will have had time to get their tents up and had a couple of pints before we play. We’ll try to do the same.