Indietracks interview #10: Night Flowers

night flowers

Interview by Sam Metcalf.

Night Flowers are five friends based in East London, but all originally from Humberside . Their first tracks ‘Single Beds’ and ‘North’ were released as a free download in summer 2013. They play melodic indie rock/pop music influenced partly by 80s jangle and early 90s shoegaze. Sam spoke to Sam from the band for this Indietracks interview.

Is this your first time at Indietracks, or have you been as punters before?

I know I speak for us all when I say that this is our first time at Indietracks either playing or as punters. We’re really looking forward to it and I’m sure we’re all going to have a great time.

As t’northerners, you must be heartened that something like this happens outside of the south-east, right?

As fans and participants of the DIY/independent music scene in the UK, I’d say we’re heartened that something like this happens at all, regardless of location. It’s what makes us tick. As t’northerners it just seems like a normal occurrence that something like this is happening outside of the south-east, because we know first hand how many great people are doing great things all over the country and that the scene really isn’t London-centric at all.

You’re all from the artist formerly known as Humberside; how on earth did you all meet in London? Was it the smell? Or a secret handshake?

Well, it kind of was a secret handshake in a roundabout way, so it’s funny you should say that. Greg and Hester have the same parents, and grew up in the same house as each other in Hull, so that’s how they know each other. Chris and Zeb are also from Hull and all four of them know each other from playing in various bands/going to gigs etc before they gradually all moved down South over the last 6 or 7 years. I moved down in the summer of 2012 and attended a festival down here when I first moved down, with my friend Darren (he’s from another ex Humberside town, Scunthorpe and made the Embers video for us as well as most of our artwork. It’s all very incestuous). Darren knew Greg from years back and we bumped into him as we were going on the dodgems and he was just getting off them. I was introduced to Greg, and he then passed me a can of beer from the sides as we whizzed past, so there’s your secret handshake right there. We bumped into each other again a week or so later at a gig, where we toasted to recently deceased skate-punk hero Tony Sly of No Use For a Name fame and then I got asked to play bass In his new band.

I’m from Grimsby/Cleethorpes (43 minutes down the road from Hull) so we decided to revive Humberside as an inclusive word that works for all parties. We’re picking up the indie rock torch for Humberside where The Housemartins, the bassist from Gene and ‘Panic’ by The Smiths left off.

What’s been the highlight of your last year together?

It’s been a really nice year for the band considering we were only just putting our first track online this time last year, so it’d be pretty difficult to pinpoint one thing. I guess an obvious highlight would be the release of our EP, seeing the physical record for the first time, the release show and the fact that people seem to be into it after working our arses off getting it all sorted. That and Steve Lamacq playing our track on the radio at a time when people are actually still awake. Even though he chatted over the intro and then didn’t mention our name until the song after our song.

And who are you looking forward to seeing at Indietracks?

Unfortunately we’re not going to be able to get there until Saturday evening because we’re playing elsewhere too that weekend. I don’t know what time bands are playing, so I’m just going to pretend that I will be there all weekend and say The Chills, Allo Darlin’, Dean Wareham, Joanna Gruesome, The Spook School, The Flatmates and Let’s Wrestle. I guess one of the best things about festivals like Indietracks is that there’s a high chance of being blown away by a band that you’ve never heard before, so I’m looking forward to that little surprise too. No pressure.

Camping, hotel, or going home?

Can’t afford a hotel, don’t wanna’ go home. Camping all the way!

What’s happening with the band over the rest of the year?

Loads. We seem to have amassed a pretty hefty gig schedule over the summer, which is exciting. Also we’re starting to record our next release and writing all the time. Apart from that we’ll probably be trying to catch 40 winks at work whenever possible and having our weekly chip butties and band practices every Wednesday as usual.