Indietracks interview #10: Colour Me Wednesday

Colour Me Wednesday

Interview by David Marples. 

Colour Me Wednesday are a four-piece DIY punk/indie pop band based in West London. Their long-awaited debut album ‘I thought it was morning’ was released on Discount Horse records in the summer of 2013. In summer 2014 they released a 10 song split record with Spoonboy (Washington, DC) on Lauren Records and toured the East Coast of America promoting the new release, including performances at New York Popfest and Plan-it-x Fest.

Indietracks is creeping up on the horizon like a particularly lovable bunny – looking forward to it?
Jennifer: Bunny? Sorry I got thrown by the bunny thing. Yeah we’ve been watching Nuts In May in preparation.
Carmela: Yeah I went last year but didn’t play, but it was so fun! But excited about actually playing this year.
Harriet: I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!

You’re almost veterans of this festival having appeared back in 2013 and 2014 (in the merch tent) – tell us about your best and worst Indietracks moments?
H: It was actually on indoor stage in 2012 and the merch tent in 2013! Best moment in 2012- getting to play to a huge crowd who knew all our songs which was a very surreal feeling back in 2012 as we’d only just started playing proper gigs outside of Uxbridge or random bars in London. Best moment in 2013- pranking the security man from our tent cos he slipped his number into Nadia from The Tuts’ tote bag. He then apologised on the phone with the legendary “I’m ever so sorry” which we still quote to this day. Worst moment- tent leaking and sweeping water out with a broom.
J: Getting a plaster put on my blister in the first aid van while Allo Darlin played on the outdoor stage.
C: Well I wasn’t there when CMW played cos it was ages ago (before I joined band). But in 2014 we had an awesome football match. And another highlight – doing a ‘Lady and the tramp’ with Daniel Ellis from Martha using a tofu wiener.

Your impromptu singalong in Uxbridge library in May to greet the arrival of Boris Johnson was wonderful. It looked like you got into a bit of trouble for that – or at least succeeded in irritating his aides. Did you get a stern telling off?
H: We always get in trouble in Uxbridge, especially with council related things. Boris hasn’t seen the last of us, mark my words. Big plans on the horizon.
J: We didn’t get in real trouble for that, between you and me some of the librarians really liked us. But some of them weren’t so happy and started a witch-hunt for the security leak in the library that may or may not have alerted us to Boris’ arrival.
C: Now that he’s our local MP, I doubt he’ll spend much time in Uxbridge but if he does we’ll go heckle him so more. Footage to follow.

How on earth did you keep it together for the video to ‘Shut’? I’d have been going all woozy and queasy by the end of that.
C: It’s not THAT fast haha!
J: Did it in one take cos I did feel a little sick after. Also yeah it’s not as fast as it looks as I mimed to the song at half speed. So means it did take longer.

How would you say your sound has changed from ‘I Thought it was Morning’ to the split album with Spoonboy? It sounds like you cranked the guitars up a bit – would that be fair comment?
J: Find it hard to tell with our music…
C: Sound has definitely changed a bit, I think its kinda matured a bit in ways. And is more influenced by what we listen to now. The album had a lot of songs that were years older.
J: Yeah, the time difference.
H: That’s a fair comment. I think we experimented a bit more with guitar riffs and stuff on the split… and felt like we were lapping over into different genres. Like a little country influence perhaps… as well as new and different punk influences. All the songs on the split were written more closely together as well, in the space of a year. Whereas the album songs were written over like 4 or possibly 5 years. That would show a big difference in sound.

Which other bands will you be down at the front for or queuing incredibly early to get into the church to see (or peering at from outside, nose pressed up against the window)?
C: ME in Emma Kupa’s band. Haha, playing bass and other bits of bobs for her so I’ll be there…at that time.
H: Martha obv. Darling Buds. Ethical Debating Society.
J: Colleen Green. The Tuts.
C: Mammoth Penguins, Tuff Love.

Finally, will you be dancing away until the wee small hours in the disco tent? If so, what will you be badgering the DJ to play?
J: Yes, Saturday night! More stuff we know please. Every time we go to Indietracks it’s after we go to bed we hear the best tunes. Bangers earlier please before bedtime! More female fronted stuff always.
H: Kevin Lyttle

Colour Me Wednesday will play the Outdoor Stage on Sunday at 15.40 – 16.20. They really are rather excellent and you should bust a gut to see them.