Indietracks interview #10: City Yelps

city yelps

Interview by Andy Hart.

From the ‘Baby Honey’ meets Swell Maps insistent winning subterranean rumble of ‘Veterinary Centre’ through to the recent and very necessary ‘must have’ long/short player ‘The City Yelps Half Hour’ the Leeds based proponents of Cheap Psych mine a vital and fruity seam of glorious, chiming, droning, kinetic, nervy DIY odd POP.

Delivering bouncing wheelbarrows, overspilling with groovy, across treacherous shell-pocked muddy battlefields- not of their own making- to bring hope and cheer to the beleaguered few in the miserable flooded rat-infested trenches of NOW.

City Yelps are Shaun, Ged and Valentina, these are some questions I asked them and the answers they gave (interview questions sent the first Saturday in Brexit Britain… it’s raining):

City Yelps… what’s that about then? How did the band come into existence?

Shaun: I told Ged I was starting a band and he called my bluff by offering to play bass. Valentina came over and turned out to be a great drummer.
Ged: I met Shaun at the Sarah records party back in 1995. Since then we have formed a long lasting friendship based on a mutual love of music and fun times in Leeds. Fast forward 20 years Valentina and I turned up late to Shaun’s house with a bass guitar and some cheap lagers- the City Yelps baby was born.

How would you describe the band’s sound?

Shaun: Like marbles in a Quality Street tin. A roller skate on a metal floor. The sound of loose change rattling about in your pocket after you get your ears syringed.
Ged: Raucous and sloppy-punk band music – the opposite of easy listening

What does DIY POP mean to you?

City Yelps: The natural order of things. Anything else is just showing off.

I believe this is your first time playing Indietracks, have you been to the festival before? If so, feelings?

Shaun: Yep and yep! I’ve been many times. I do miss the zoo though.
Ged: Yeah this is the first time we will have played; we have all been regulars though. It feels good to have been asked to play this year and we are looking forward to being part of the performances as well as the audiences all at the same time over the course of the weekend. Looking forward to reinforcing old friendships and fostering new ones.

Favourite train song?

Shaun: Drug Train by The Cramps. I can’t recall any others.

Valentina: Born on a train by the Magnetic Fields.

Do you have any surprises in store for your Indietracks set?

Shaun: Telling would ruin the surprise! We might do a cover as we never do covers. A real surprise would be if we got through the set without fucking it up.

Any requests from you to the audience?

City Yelps: Yes, please arrive early.

Favourite ice lolly?

Shaun: Dip Dab, Zoom, Fab. That’s three.
Valentina: Calippo.
Ged: Popsicles.

Describe the ‘look’ you’ll be going for at Indietracks…

Shaun: Marks & Spencer office wear.
Ged: distressed

The City Yelps Summer Special End of the Pier show… who’s on the bill?

Shaun: It’d just be a hall of mirrors filled with clowns.
Valentina: Comet Gain, Scott and Charlene’s wedding, Felt.
Ged: The Thermals, Chastity Belt, Slash’s snake pit, the Pastels

What advice have you got for the reader?

Shaun: Go form a band!
Valentina: Move to Scotland.
Ged: Do it punk.