Indietracks interview #1: The Popguns


Today we’re kicking off our series of 2014 Indietracks band interviews. Between now and the end of July we’ll be chatting with as many of this year’s line-up as possible, with thanks to our team of special guest interviewers!

The Popguns are an upbeat indiepop band from Brighton, fronted by singer Wendy Morgan, who released four albums and a string of singles from 1988 to 1996. They appeared in John Peel’s festive fifty, and their songs are featured on the essential Rough Trade and Scared To Get Happy compilations. The band recently returned for gigs in London, Paris and Brighton,  and will follow these with a welcome festival appearance at Indietracks!

Sam from A Layer of Chips asked them a few questions for our blog…

What do you know of Indietracks – have any of you been before?
We have been aware of it for a while now – certainly since we’ve been playing again, but none of us have been. All the more reason to be excited by the prospect of playing.

The band have recently reformed, but did you have anything similar to Indietracks when Popguns were around in the late 80s?
Not sure there was such a specific festival back in our day. In fact there wasn’t really much on in the way of festivals apart from Glasto and Reading. We visited plenty between us, but never quite wangled our way on to the bill.

What are you looking forward to most at Indietracks? 
The atmosphere is supposed to be fantastic and that is a real draw. Beyond that is the chance to play to an audience many of whom may not be aware of us. Also, Wendy has a hankering to see Gruff Rhys.

Why did you decide to reform?
Pat and Greg will tell you that we never really split up, we only stopped practicing while looking for a new drummer, but in truth, there seemed to be a bit of demand and playing live is something we have always enjoyed. We found ourselves a new drummer and away we went.

And have you been surprised at the reception you’ve got? 
The reception has been absolutely fantastic. There are clearly people out there who have a huge love for the ‘Guns and we are really flattered, if a little taken aback. Did we really ever know they were out there? Not sure. We would certainly never have imagined that within a couple of gigs of getting back together we would be asked to do the Scared to Get Happy gig last year along with a gig in Paris in Feb, Indietracks and the NYC Popfest in New York (obvs!) this summer. And there’s more coming later in the year, but we can’t tell you just yet!

What can we expect from Popguns at Indietracks, and what’s coming next from the band?
The Indietracks set will be a slew of old favourites and a couple of new songs that have been going down quite well when we have played them recently. And, given the reception we’ve been getting and Simon’s ever-fertile song-writing head, we have been rehearsing and recording the new songs and are talking about an album release later this year. It’s all very exciting!