Exclusive Darren Hayman video!

We’re very excited to premiere the video for the new single by Darren Hayman – Class 108 DMU – which will be exclusively available to buy at Indietracks this year.

Class 108 Diesel Multiple Unit from Darren Hayman on Vimeo.

The single will be be available on 7″ called “Trains” which contains two songs:

1. Class 108 DMU
2. We Find Treasure

The 7″ also comes with a CD that contains these two songs and and also six more:

1. Class 108 DMU
2. We Find Treasure
3. Ravenscar
4. Sounds of the 108 DMU
5. La Maison Du Gard
6. Buffet Car
7. Miniature Town
8. The Backs of Houses

Introducing the video, Darren says:

“I never intended to write this many train songs but they just accumulated in the corner in a dusty corner of my hard drive. I was asked by record company to make a single about my favourite train, that record fell through but there were just too many train songs now to ignore. They needed a place to be stored.

“My interest in trains started with the Class 108 DMU that lives at Tenterden in Kent. It has beautiful curves and looks so perfectly homely. It’s like the train equivalent of a camper van. First generation DMUs (Diesel Multiple Units) seem to represent an era of trust and a lot of their appeal to me is that you are allowed to look over the shoulder of the driver out of the front through a glass window behind him. Nowadays people seem to love the DLR trains in Docklands for a similar reason.

T”he DMU trains also have a place in my fond relationship with Indietracks. Stuart, who started Indietracks a while ago, also loves these trains and is something of an expert on their restoration. A DMU society resides on the Midland Railway.”

“I will offer the very limited seven inch and and CD for sale to the audience at Indietracks before it goes on sale anywhere else.”