Safety at Indietracks

We want our festival to be as welcoming and fun for everyone as possible, irrespective of things like gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity, age, body shape/size, health or ability.

We have adopted the following policy and actions, drawing very heavily on the work of Equestrian Collective (Durham), DIY Space for London, and Wharf Chambers (Leeds). We will update and improve this, and would appreciate any feedback at:

To ensure Indietracks is safe and enjoyable, we ask everyone – including visitors, staff, volunteers, artists and guests – to agree to the following and act accordingly:

  • We are all accountable for our actions and words
  • We will respect other people’s boundaries, and the fact that they may differ from our own
  • We will be mindful about the space we take up (with our bodies and our voices)
  • Just because certain behaviours are culturally accepted elsewhere that doesn’t mean they are acceptable
  • Alcohol consumption can never excuse negative behaviour

If challenged, our team of organisers and volunteers will be ready to:

  • Listen respectfully
  • Take other points of view on board
  • Take responsibility and make amends if necessary

You can always find an Indietracks volunteer (red lanyards) or organiser (yellow lanyards) on the gates, behind the bar and around the stages when artists are performing. You can approach volunteers and organisers for any reason, but especially so if:

  • You need help reading/understanding this policy, or you have any questions about it
  • You encounter any behaviours that makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable
  • You need immediate support during an event

We promise to believe you and to treat anything you tell us with confidentiality.

Taking Action Against Negative Behaviour

We understand that negative behaviour can come in many forms, and can be context specific. This means that it is impossible to draw up a comprehensive list. However, the following are examples of negative behaviour:

  • Violent or Aggressive Behaviour: This can include physical violence, non-consensual sexual behaviour, or attempts to damage the space. Behaviour of this kind will result in immediate ejection from the space and a ban.
  • Prejudiced Behaviour: This includes any kind of behaviour that exhibits prejudice. Behaviour does not need to be directly targeted at an individual for it to count as prejudiced. We will not tolerate discrimination at our events. Potential targets for discrimination include age, disability, body shape/size, gender history, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy/maternity/paternity status, race, religious or philosophical belief, gender, sex, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, social class, asylum/immigration status, mental health, political affiliations, viral status, health status, care responsibilities or criminal conviction.
  • Other kinds of problematic behaviour that are not listed above exist. This is a non-exhaustive list. Maintaining inclusivity is a difficult process, and requires on the spot decision making in complex situations. We will do our best to be mindful of this complexity.

Once we become aware of negative behaviour occurring we will deal with it as promptly as possible. In some cases this will mean intervening, asking the person to desist, and reminding them of the above agreement. In severe cases, or if behaviour persists, the person will be asked to leave or if necessary ejected.

We hope that these steps will help ensure that Indietracks is safe, welcoming and enjoyable. We are always keen to listen and improve. Please send any feedback, in confidence, to: or please speak to us at the event.