When do the gates open, and when does it finish?
The gates open at 5pm on the Friday evening and at midday on the Saturday and Sunday. The bands finish by 10.15pm each night, and the discos end at midnight.

Is parking available at the festival?
Yes, there is ample free parking available at Butterley Station (postcode DE5 3QZ). There is no parking for visitors at the Swanwick Junction entrance.

Where should taxis pick me up and drop me off? 
At Butterley Station in Ripley (postcode DE5 3QZ). You can catch a train for the short journey from the festival site to Butterley Station. Taxis cannot access the entrance at Swanwick Junction.

When’s the last train from the festival site back to Butterley?
The last train back is usually at 12.15am, allowing time to get to the station after the entertainment finishes at midnight.

I’ve paid for tickets but haven’t received them. What should I do?
Please visit the following page and enter the email address you used in the ‘Order Reminder Email’ section on the right hand side: https://www.gigantic.com/order-tracker . You should then receive an email with your order details. You should then be able to use the ‘Find My Order’ section on the same link above to find your tickets. If that doesn’t work, please email customerservices@gigantic.com and they’ll be able to help you.

Will I have a good time? Will I feel safe at Indietracks?
It’s very important to us that everyone feels happy and safe at Indietracks. Of course, we won’t tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment, such as sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia or anything else. We believe we have an incredibly friendly and respectful staff and audience, but if you experience or witness any discriminatory or offensive behaviour, please inform a steward, and we’ll remove those responsible.  If there are any steps we can take to improve the festival and make it feel safer, please send us an email.

For further information, please read our full Safety at Indietracks policy.

What’s the food and drink like?
We try and book a range of caterers, including many vegan and vegetarian options. There’s also a wide selection of drinks, including lots of amazing real ales. You can bring your own food on site, but alcohol cannot be brought into the festival.

Is there a cashpoint on site?
Sadly not,  so please stock up on money beforehand. There will be real ale, fine foods and inevitably tons of band merchandise and we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

Can under-18s attend?
Yes, Indietracks is an all-ages festival, but under-16s must be accompanied by an adult. Details on ticket prices for adults and children will be published on the tickets page.

Can I bring a dog?
Sorry, we love dogs but they’re not allowed on site over the festival weekend. If it’s a guide dog, please email us: indietracksfestival@gmail.com

Can I volunteer to help?
Yes please! For details of how to volunteer at the festival, please write to:


How do you pick bands and DJs to play at Indietracks? Are there any fixed criteria?
We like to provide a platform mainly for independent bands with a DIY ethos. However, we welcome applications from anyone, each of which will be considered on its own merit. We of course act on the principle that no-one should experience discrimination on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability or religious belief.

We invited applications for the 2018 festival between 23 November 2017 and 14 January 2018.  Artists and DJs were able to apply by completing a web form with short biog and a link to some of their music. The Indietracks team listen individually to each one.

To keep the application process fair to all bands and DJs, we ask that they please use only the web form rather than social networking sites or other email addresses. 

We receive hundreds of applications each year. To keep the line-up fresh and give as many bands as possible the chance to play, we no longer feature bands on consecutive years.

How are bands and DJs then shortlisted? Is there a voting system?
As well as listening to artist applications (see above), we also look at the wishlist thread on the Anorak messageboard. Each unique mention of a band counts as one vote. We count the votes to find out who you’d most like to see, and we do all we can to invite the most popular few to play.

We also invite our own favourite bands to play, along with any we have heard and loved throughout the year or who we think would make a great addition to the line-up.